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Introducing a New Cloud Communicator, the “LifeTouch” Tablet Terminal

Introducing a New Cloud Communicator, the “LifeTouch” Tablet Terminal

Date: 10 Nov 2010
Category: Mobile

NEC Corporation announced today the launch of a new cloud communicator, “LifeTouch,” in support of corporate client services through cloud computing. The new product starts shipping at the end of this month in Japan.

The new “LifeTouch” cloud communicator is a tablet terminal positioned in a category between PCs and mobile phones that features many of the characteristic abilities and mobility of both. As its first model in this category, NEC released this terminal with a 7-inch LCD and an open platform, Android TM operating system.

Due to recent corporate demand to reduce IT investment expenses and total cost of operations (TCO), both the interest in cloud computing and its actual use have steadily increased. The “LifeTouch” cloud communicator enables corporate customers to generate new revenues through customer services and to improve the efficiency of business operations through an optimised user interface. NEC provides customisation and development of device and software elements in response to the content and business needs of corporate customers. NEC also provides a development environment for software vendors in order to enhance application software.

In addition to this new terminal, NEC will continue to provide its cloud service platforms that enable total service support for corporate customers.

User friendly new terminal that everyone can use
- Easy operation
- High presentation ability and mobility
- Service and function expandability

Main Features
1. Design and interface for a wide range of users
- Easy to carry (Thin design, weighs approximately 370 grams)
- Intuitive operation  with 7-inch LCD and touch panel
- Easily operated four direction button
- Pen operable
- Full SD card
- Special software for wireless LAN settings (Rakuraku Musen Start)

2. Supporting service development for corporate customers
- Terminal and software customisation for corporate customers (*)
- Support for developing original application software
- Total support from terminals to service platform

3. Expected usage scenarios
- Electronic books, home services, e-shops, health care services, entertainment, etc.
- Sales promotions within stores, mobile sales activities, self-ordering, logistics related work, etc.

NEC anticipates that a wide variety of market needs will become increasingly apparent, and the company will be well positioned to answer these needs in the category between PCs and mobile phones. Looking forward, NEC aims to enhance its line-up of “LifeTouch” in support of these growing cloud computing needs.

“LifeTouch” will be exhibited at the “C&C User Forum & iEXPO 2010” in Tokyo between November 11 and 12.

(*) Adoption of digital mobile phone networks (3G) and infra-red communication functions as well as design changes that include operational buttons, colour variations and application software.


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