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High-powered ‘night vision’ security cameras come to Australia to protect nation’s borders

High-powered ‘night vision’ security cameras come to Australia to protect nation’s borders

Date: 25 Feb 2011
Category: New Technology

NEC Australia today launched a High Sensitivity Camera that could bring new levels of security and surveillance for Australia’s ports and other high-risk infrastructure. The NC-R550 can deliver high resolution moving colour images in almost complete darkness, using only starlight, and has the capacity to view long distances whilst retaining excellent sharpness and clarity.

NEC Australia will work with local authorities to provide additional detection capabilities to counteract terrorism, smuggling and other illegal activity, and expects the system to be popular for port authorities and other high-risk infrastructure as it can provide complete coverage over a large area – such as ports and harbours.  NEC also sees market potential for search and rescue operations where night visibility can be critical.

The system allows authorities to better monitor and detect irregularities in operations at night, with the same clarity as they would during the day.  Unlike traditional night vision cameras, the NC-R550 displays high resolution colour moving images instead of a hazy green, providing much greater clarity and detail in the picture.

The camera is designed to deliver high quality video images under darkness, shadow and at long distances without image lag which can cause blurring on fast moving objects.

Lance Heather, Senior Product Specialist, NEC Australia said: “This advanced technology has been tested around Asia with excellent results and can revolutionise the level of surveillance and security that large infrastructure sites can enjoy, alerting authorities to a wide range of threats whether it is day or night. We see a great market in Australia for this technology around the country.”

The NC-R550 uses advanced digital processing and digital noise reduction circuits alongside three-chip EMCCD technology, all of which combines to make it one of the most advanced colour camera for surveillance in the world.

Features of NEC NC-R550

  • 3 EMCCD (electron-multiplying charge-coupled device) chip creates a high sensitivity image with efficient use of light
  • Full-colour video capture in full darkness, such as starlight and new moon lighting conditions
  • Excellent night-time surveillance tool
  • Fully automatic white balance
  • Automatic sensitivity control

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For media enquiries please contact:

Will Clarke
NEC Australia Pty Ltd
03 92714172 / 0488 34 54 64


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