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Capsule from Asteroid Explorer “HAYABUSA” Successfully Returns to Earth

Capsule from Asteroid Explorer “HAYABUSA” Successfully Returns to Earth

Date: 14 Jun 2010
Category: Innovation

NEC Corporation announced today that the sample recovery capsule installed in the Hayabusa asteroid probe successfully landed on Sunday night , June 13, 2010 at Woomera, South Australia, following a seven year mission to a small asteroid 300 million kilometers away.

The probe was developed to collect particles from the surface of the asteroid Itokawa and to return them to Earth - the world's first mission of this kind.

Under the direction of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), NEC has been involved in the development, manufacturing testing and operation of satellite systems, as well as the development of major on-board equipment, including the ion-engine and sample collection equipment.

This cutting edge development and technology helped Hayabusa achieve several scientific firsts, including it’s becoming the world’s first spacecraft to successfully land and take-off on a body other than the moon.

For detail on NEC’s contributions to the Hayabusa project, please visit: