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IAC Console - Benefits


  • IAC Console is a direct replacement for NEC’s hardware console and supports 100 per cent of the features – no loss of functionality when IAC is employed.
  • IAC Console statistics enable operator performance to be monitored on an individual basis.
  • IAC Console database directory (large licence) can easily support an unlimited number of directory entries – compare this with some PC-based ‘front-desk receptionist’ type consoles that are essentially an adjunct to a Dterm phone, using buttons to represent each directory entry, which may become cumbersome to use with a large number of directory entries.
  • Integrated directory permits fast, powerful searching capabilities on over 16 fields or any combination of these fields - allows the operator to process calls faster than a traditional hardware console.
  • Phonetic (sounds-like) searching speeds up searches for difficult to spell employee names.
  • IAC Console reduces clutter on the desk in comparison to ‘deskcon’ hardware console that still requires a PC for directory searches, email and other tasks.


  • Operator productivity has been repeatedly reported to increase by 20-25 per cent when using the IAC Console.
  • A customer site with six operators may therefore be able to reduce to five or even four operators when IAC Console is deployed.
  • Customer satisfaction is improved because of the more efficient and friendly call handling by your operators – the front line to your business.
  • Individual operator performance monitoring – now you will really know how busy the operators are at all times of the day and over weekends.
  • Operator training time is reduced due to the ease of use – this minimises training costs and gets new staff up to speed and productive more quickly.
  • Less experienced, lower skilled operators may be employed – leading to potential savings in staff costs.
  • Integration to customers’ existing directories means there is a single point of entry for directory information thus reducing IT overhead and administration costs.
  • Operator morale is improved and stress is lowered.

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