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Mobile User: UC Mobility Application - Web Portal Application

Mobile User - Web Portal Application

The Web Portal browser application provides access to office communications for all your mobile workers from their home, hotel or laptop browser. Empower your executives and travelling staff with the tools to stay in touch with all their contacts and keep them up to date with the information they need.


  • Mobile User Web Portal is designed for offsite workers both at home and roaming. Improve the quality of your remote communications while saving costs on the previously unavoidable expenses of staying in touch while engaged in business travel.
  • Managing messages visually is always easier and more efficient that via TUI (Telephone User Interface). Information you have to wait for aurally is instantly available on the screen, allowing you to prioritise and instantly respond to messages based on the information you see such as caller, time of message and caller details (including number).
  • See who has called you, back at your desk, from any remote browser and return the most critical calls instantly.
  • Search and call any internal or external contact stored in your office’s global or your own personal Phonebook directory.
  • Stay up-to-date and in contact with colleagues in the office in real-time, based on their presence, provided by their desktop clients. Only call when you can see they are available and at their desk.
  • Save costs on expensive roaming or hotel outbound call charges by having the office call you instead, on your nominated device or number, connecting you to the number you wish to dial.


  • Profile selection/update including Scheduling and ETR.
  • View and play your voice messages.
  • Call history.
  • Phonebook lookup.
  • View Presence. Display all your Presence pages from Desktop or Executive Insight (Presence can optionally be updated in real time).
  • Make a “Call Me” request that pops up on a colleague in the office.
  • Reverse dialling to the office server from a specified local phone or mobile.

To learn more about NEC’s Unified Communications for Business (UCB) suite of applications and how they may benefit your business, click here.

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