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Mobile User: UC Mobility Application - Mobile Application

Mobile User - Mobile Application

Downloadable from a web address on to your supported iOS or Android smartphone and tablet, Mobile User enables users to interface with their UCB/EICC mailbox and desktop application via their mobile phone. It also provides an SMS option to in-house colleagues (as well as an option to call).


  • Rushed out without updating your greeting? Simply log in to Mobile User and key in your new Presence Profile and your anticipated return time – your callers and colleagues will always know your status and availability, wherever you are.
  • You can see the availability of your colleagues back in the office, and call them when you know they are free. No more wasted time or phone tag; now each call makes contact.
  • No more multiple contacts lists; just access your office contacts as you need them directly from the phonebook. How often do you call the office to get a business contact’s phone number? Those business contacts that everyone in your office needs to access are loaded just once, centrally; now they are available offsite as well as from your desk.
  • Sitting in a meeting waiting for someone to get in touch? You won’t have to leave your phone on silent, and rush out, whispering, to take your call… Leave a personalised greeting for that special caller, using the application’s Caller Profile, then when you see the call or message from the person you’re waiting on, you’ll know it’s time to make contact in your own time.
  • See who called while you were unavailable – and call them back instantly. Whether you’re in or out of the office, it can be useful to know who has been trying to contact you while you were too busy to take calls. With Mobile User, all the information is available as soon as you’re ready to check.


  • Profile selection/update including scheduling and ETR (Expected Time of Return).
  • Presence and dialing or SMS (Presence can optionally be updated in real time).
  • Phonebook lookup and dialing – or SMS.
  • Make a “Call Me” request that pops up for a colleague in the office (not currently supported for iPhone).
  • Download and play your office voice messages.
  • Missed/recent call history and dialing.

To learn more about NEC’s Unified Communications for Business (UCB) suite of applications and how they may benefit your business, click here.

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