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Mobile Application Development - Solutions

NEC completely understands the importance of getting the big picture right before implementing particular solutions. Therefore NEC will engage with our clients to work on strategies, policies and business processes changes regarding mobility initiatives. This may include:

  • Go mobile primer – identifying strategic opportunities
  • BYOD – strategy to help leverage on personal devices
  • Enterprise architecture concerning mobility
  • Mobility security standards and policies

Mobile applications development technologies

At NEC we believe that each application should be built using the most appropriate technology. Every technology we use will allow you to integrate your new application with your current IT systems. It may be hosted on premises or in the cloud for maximum cost benefit. Depending on your requirements we will use one of the following approaches:

HTML5 Mobile Website

This is by far the most cost efficient way to bring your application on to a smart phone or tablet PC. It can be accessed by any browser-enabled device. Users of Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices will be able to access and enjoy your website from anywhere in the world.


  • Most cost effective method
  • Available from anywhere with web access
  • Supported by all current smart phones

Cross Platform Frameworks

One of the biggest mobile development challenges is the proliferation of devices and operating systems. Applications developed to run natively on an iPad or iPhone will not run on Android devices. Those developed for Windows will not run on an iPhone. Often applications will not run on different versions of the same operating system.

Building the application several times to cover each operating system can be an expensive. In many cases this can be avoided by using a framework that allows the application to be built once and then compiled for different operating environments. NEC uses the PhoneGap and Appcelerator tools to meet the cross-platform challenge.


  • Installed locally and does not required Internet access
  • Feature rich
  • Supported by a number of smart phones
  • Lower development costs.

Native Mobile Development

Sometimes applications need to use the specific features of a particular operating system. In this case there is only one option – building the application for a particular OS. NEC is experienced in building software for iOS, Android and Windows. Using the native development tools, we can develop solutions fully tailored and optimised to provide the best user experience for that specific device and platform.


  • Installed locally and does not required Internet access
  • Feature rich
  • Ability to utilise all features and hardware of the device to its full potential.

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