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Mobility Solutions

Communicate whenever and wherever necessary

In today’s flexible and fast-moving business environment, the size of the mobile workforce is increasing each year. Employees can be just about anywhere: at the office, at an appointment, on the road or working from home.

With smartphones and tablets now common business tools, mobile workers need to be fully integrated with a company’s network and its business applications. This seamlessly extends enterprise telephony functionality and applications to these mobile devices, providing single number reachability, least cost routing through the company network, access to company directories, data and more.

Fixed Mobile Convergence supports smartphones anywhere in the world as an integrated extension of a company network, enabling switching from cellular networks to WiFi networks. Once integrated, these personal devices can be used in conjunction with enterprise security credentials, securing company information and supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development
The world is mobile. Are you?

Mobile User: UC Mobility Application

Mobile User: UC Mobility Application
Mobility application for NEC and Cisco solutions.


Enjoy the benefits of IP telephony with DECT technology.

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