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Voice Messaging Application: UNIVERGE SV8100 - Features

VM8000 InMail includes the following essential voicemail and auto attendant features:


  • conversation recording
  • answering machine emulation
  • interactive soft-keys
  • message count display
  • programmable voice prompts
  • three personalised mailbox greetings
  • message forwarding
  • announcement mailbox for one-way information
  • remote or local message notification (on or offsite)
  • remote programming via WebPro/PCPro voice mailbox
  • auto-help voice prompts
  • auto-forward to mailbox
  • programmable individual security code
  • real time and date stamp
  • one-touch forwarding
  • one-touch mailbox access
  • one-touch message retrieval
  • one-key call to sender
  • confidential / urgent / future message delivery options
  • guest and group/department mailbox types
  • email notification
  • multiple message notification destinations
  • find me follow me
  • automatic login

Automated Attendant

  • answer schedule tables
  • park and page
  • capture caller ID
  • flexible answering based on trunk time-of-day and day-of-week
  • single digit transfer
  • individual trunk greetings
  • three day, night and holiday greeting
  • audio file upload/download

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