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Voice Messaging Application: UNIVERGE SV8100 - Benefits

Improved customer satisfaction

VM8000 InMail’s robust Automated Attendant feature set ensures customer calls are routed to the appropriate people and answered quickly and efficiently. When customers call in, an instruction menu announcement plays to provide them a choice of dialling options. They can simply direct themselves to the required person without being placed on hold or having their calls dropped.

Increased employee productivity

Employees can also efficiently manage their calls and messages with easy one-touch access to voicemail features. With VM8000 InMail’s advanced call processing capabilities, employees no longer need to manually direct and route callers. The Automated Attendant routes each incoming call based upon the time-of-day and day-of-the-week. The VM8000 InMail solution can even provide different announcements and dialling options for each number in the office.

Simple setup, installation and maintenance

VM8000 InMail is digitally integrated with the system’s central processing unit to provide increased speed and accuracy to the voice-mail system. Additionally, Windows®–based PC Pro enables online centralised HTML-based programming access. When employees use this intuitive browser-based software with its easy-to-follow wizards, programming time and mistakes are significantly reduced.

Intuitive user interface

The VM8000 InMail solution’s interface is simple to learn and easy to use. Pre-recorded voice prompts offer a step-by-step guide on how to use all of the solution’s impressive voicemail and automated attendant capabilities.

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