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UC Applications Suite: UM8700 - Benefits

Benefits to the user

Unified Messaging

  • Get instant access to email, voicemail and fax messages inone inbox
  • Retrieve messages from any location, using a phone, computer or mobile device
  • Prioritise voice messages more easily
  • See all messages at a glance

Voice User Interface

  • Allows users access to their inbox from anywhere, even while driving, through speech commands
  • Access messages (Get New Messages, Get New Email)
  • Navigate message queues (Next Message, Previous Message)
  • Process messages (Delete Message, Forward Message, Reply to Message)
  • Place calls to other system users
  • Place calls directly to phone numbers

Personal Assistant

  • Schedule-based Presence and Availability
  • Interactive Call Screening
  • Calendar Management

Single Number / Single Mailbox Access

  • Combine mobile phone and office phone messages into a single mailbox
  • Have a single phone number to distribute to customers and colleagues, rather than a mobile plus a desk phone number
  • Place long distance and international calls through the office phone system from their mobile phones while travelling
  • Transfer calls from their desk phone to their mobile when they need to leave their office in mid-conversation

Message Notification

  • Never miss an important message again, whether in the office or on the go
  • Be notified the instant new voice or fax messages arrive via email, phone call or SMS text message
  • Keep system administrators abreast of the status of the UM8700 system through administrative alerts via SNMP or email

For more information, including how your business can benefit, download the product brochure in the Overview section.