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Messaging System: UM8000-Mail - Overview

UM8000-Mail is the simple yet powerful tool to manage your messages.

UM8000 Mail Sales Sheet 1

Simple message management

Are you looking for an easier way to manage your messages? The UM8000-Mail solution is an improved in-skin unified messaging system. It can store more than 500 hours of messages, has 2 to 16 ports and all the features you’ve come to expect from NEC, a leader in voice messaging products.

It perfectly highlights our UNIVERGE 360 approach, by adding elements of Unified Communications into the business. Unified Messaging means that all your voice, fax and email messages are sent to one inbox. This allows you to track your messages more easily.

It is also a very reliable system, with a smaller footprint and will cost you much less to operate than other systems.

UM8000-Mail is designed specifically for the SV8000 series communications servers.

The UM8000-Mail messaging system at a glance

  • mailbox manager which can be set up to suit your needs
  • fully-integrated messaging
  • can be maintained remotely
  • live record
  • subscriber controlled groups
  • call accept or reject.

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