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Messaging System: UM8000-Mail - Features

Features provided by the UM8000-Mail solution include:

  • Speed keys
  • Remote maintenance
  • Date and time stamp
  • Transfer to attendant
  • Caller interviewing
  • Urgent message count
  • Call accept or reject
  • Port independence
  • Guest mailboxes and call screening
  • Supervised/unsupervised transfers
  • Subscriber self-enrolment
  • Live record, message cancel and redirect
  • Future, urgent and return receipt delivery
  • Variable-length security codes/passwords
  • User-changeable voice prompts and single-digit dialling greetings.
  • Extension remapping
  • Alphanumeric directory
  • Volume and speed control
  • Cascade notification
  • Menu options
  • Out-dial pager notification
  • Subscriber controlled groups
  • Message waiting
  • Fax detect, routing and notification
  • Soft-key functionality and trunk mapping
  • Message rewind, pause and fast forward
  • Cut-through paging and message editing
  • Multilingual capability and multiple personalised

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