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Unified Communications and Collaboration - Health & Aged Care

UC&C in Health & Aged Care

A key challenge for health and aged care providers is to continually enhance the quality of care for their clients. They must also improve the overall efficiency of their service delivery as pressure on budgets and staff continually intensifies.

NEC appreciates that the quality of care can be greatly enhanced when staff have access to the right information at the moment they need it.

Possibilities for health & aged care include:

  • Video conferencing enabled on a range of devices, including smart phones and tablets, which connect doctors and specialists with patients.
  • Track essential equipment and access the status and location of doctors and patients for efficient delivery of care.
  • Intelligent identity management technologies like smart cards, fingerprint scanners and facial recognition systems which create secure working environments and allow access to resources and facilities to those that need it.
  • Smart alarm and alert notifications via mobile devices.
  • Share information like test results and manage medication regimens through enhanced communication solutions.
  • Delivery of in-home care and monitoring services.
  • UC&C changes the way hospitals and care homes deliver services by seamlessly integrating with existing systems and processes, providing simpler, more connected ways of working.

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