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Unified Communications and Collaboration - Government

UC&C in Government

Government is facing increasing costs associated with infrastructure and services delivery. The communication challenges that many government agencies face today is the need to integrate technologies that support a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

Fortunately NEC’s UC&C solutions improve efficiency by integrating seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure and telephone systems, including existing PBX environments. The result is faster and more effective communication both within government and with citizens.

Possibilities for government include:

  • Intelligent call centres designed to handle citizens’ queries and deliver information and services via multiple channels including voice, text, video and social media – deployed on-premise or via the cloud.
  • Communication systems that track incidents and manage alerts and responses by relevant emergency services via location-sensitive networks.
  • Networks which allow records and information to be accessed and edited anywhere – in the office or roadside.
  • Biometrics, fingerprint and facial recognition systems can be used in offices or remotely with information accessed and shared instantly as part of law enforcement or security.
  • Federated communication systems to improve inter-agency collaboration.

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