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Unified Communications and Collaboration - Education

UC&C in Education

NEC’s approach to UC&C helps education providers to establish an innovative, contemporary learning environment to attract and retain students and teachers in an increasingly competitive sector.

Possibilities for education include:

  • UC&C enables smarter learning by enabling schools and universities to communicate, collaborate, and share information across the campus or around the world.
  • Integrated digital signage which assists orientation and delivers real-time content to students, teachers and guests over local and national networks.
  • Flexible platforms which enable students to utilise the devices and tools they know, including social media, making real-time collaboration and file sharing a reality in class and at home.
  • Smart alarm and alert notifications via mobile devices in cases of emergency or for distributing important information.
  • Video conferencing and live webinars bringing in experts and guest speakers from anywhere in the world. Conferencing facilities also allow for students, parents and teachers to talk and share information in real-time, wherever they are.
  • Using presence and location information to know the whereabouts of educators and support staff along with the availability of resources and facilities such as lecture rooms.

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