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Unified Communications and Collaboration - Benefits

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Not all businesses are alike.

A single approach or solution will not suit every customer. It is about choice and that is what NEC provides. We work with you to understand your business and apply our many years of expertise in ICT, communications and collaboration - across your business, people, processes and technology.

With NEC, your business requirements come first and we work with you closely to ensure that best technologies are implemented and integrated to meet your specific business needs, such as:

  • Improve business efficiencies and embracing new, flexible ways of working to enable faster decision making and driving better outcomes.
  • Drive innovation through enhanced team working across your customers, suppliers, partners and employees.
  • Reduce travel and training costs.
  • Enable meetings with remote participants and virtual teams along with incorporating video into meetings.
  • Enable remote workers access to collaboration capabilities as if in the office.
  • Create internal communities, team workspaces, flexible work areas and make better use of office space.
  • Collaborate with external organisations and customers.
  • Locate and access remote experts in real time.
  • Support business continuity, security and disaster recovery.

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