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Conferencing and Collaboration - Cloud conferencing

NEC conferencing and collaboration in the cloud

NEC’s cloud-based platform makes video conferencing easy. It brings you the benefits of high-definition video conferencing solutions, without the need to manage the technology.

Reduce your costs and get more

Choosing a cloud-based solution will allow you to access features and functions that may be cost prohibitive if you purchased them for your own use.

By sharing infrastructure and facilities with others, costs can be significantly reduced. Even though you may be accessing shared facilities, NEC guarantees that your security and privacy is never compromised.


The NEC conferencing and collaboration fully-managed cloud solution includes everything from meeting room set-up and call quality to monitoring and maintenance.

We can fully manage your meetings, even to the point of remotely starting the video equipment before your conference to ensure its optimal performance.

NEC ensures that all of the video conferencing equipment is up-to-date, patched and running smoothly. We have trained professionals on stand-by to ensure everything is running at optimal levels.