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Conferencing and Collaboration - Anywhere conferencing

Enabling conferencing and collaboration anywhere

NEC’s conferencing and collaboration platform extends your reach by allowing you to communicate effectively, however you like from wherever you are.

While on the road, you will never be left out of the picture. With a laptop or smart device at your side, you can conference with two parties or thousands of others using one of the NEC conferencing and collaboration clients.

NEC can help you design and deploy your solution in a resilient, secure method that offers your employees the benefits of working from almost anywhere with ease while keeping unwanted users out. Even better, most components can be integrated into your existing infrastructure, maximising your existing investment.

PC-based conferencing

NEC offers a range of video conferencing solutions that are available from your PC. These can work in conjunction with your existing PC equipment and allow the user to be engaged in quality video and audio multi-point conferences with other desk-based and room-based solutions.

Mobility-based conferencing

NEC’s conference and collaboration platform can be accessed from almost anywhere via a laptop or smart device. All you need is one of the NEC conference and collaboration clients and an internet or 3G/4G connection.

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