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Alarm and Alert Communications - Hospitality

The ability to get important messages to any person or any group, anywhere enhances workflow and ensures a more informed and productive mobile workforce. Our solutions will enable you to:

  • Enhance guest relationship management
  • Increase resource and staff efficiency
  • Ensure staff accountability.

NEC, with our partner Amcom Software, can deliver an event-driven service activity management system that integrates your infrastructure and provides information on situations and responses. Together we have delivered communications solutions to many hospitality organisations across the globe.

Real-time events

Sense events in real-time by taking inputs from all of your major sensory systems - call buttons, both guest and staff activated; POS call buttons, fire alarms, security systems, building management systems and so on.

Event notification

Applies your process rules to ensure that the right people or teams receive the right event notification at the right time.

Staff activity

Allowing the right people to engage with the required task - effectively and efficiently.

Event status

Monitor the status of all events to resolution and apply your process rules to close, cancel, hand off and escalate the event.

Process rules

Manage the interfaces, device profiles, event types, individual and team responder profiles, your process rules and the response profile for every event, across every room, across every floor, across the world if necessary.

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