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Alarm and Alert Communications - Healthcare

Communication throughout hospitals and aged care facilities consists of a variety of information flows. Staff-to-staff, resident/patient-to-staff and various enterprise system communication requirements often create inefficient workflow patterns, requiring a streamlined approach to ensure patient safety, satisfaction indicators and quality goals are met.

Health care organisations are often challenged with a multitude of systems creating alarm conditions that are essentially “islands of information”.  Lack of integrated and efficient communication typically results in major gaps in the flow of critical information.

Our portfolio of solutions bridges disparate applications to provide seamless communication and eventdriven connectivity, particularly at the point of care.  Virtually any system can be enabled to intelligently deliver critical information to a mobile workforce to ensure a more informed, efficient, and safe environment.

Healthcare at a glance:

  • Increase patient/resident safety levels via automated point-of-care alarm integration
  • Enhance patient/resident and staff satisfaction levels
  • Create more efficient clinical workflow and operational mobility
  • Reduce critical alarm response rimes from multiple minutes to split seconds
  • Harmonise third-party applications with communication systems and devices.

NEC, with partner Amcom Software, is well positioned to enhance the effectiveness of distributing real-time information, and can also offer a comprehensive yet economical, end-toend solution in deploying private paging networks and pagers.

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