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NEC Cloud Collaboration - Solutions

Choose the collaboration applications and support packages that suit you.

NEC Cloud Collaboration is built on Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution. It offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of unified communications and collaboration applications and capabilities.

NEC Cloud Collaboration gives your employees the freedom they need to work productively with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers, wherever they are. Each application is completely flexible and provides the same capabilities an on-premises deployment would offer.

The NEC Cloud Collaboration portfolio is continually updated as new applications are developed. That means you automatically have access to the latest solutions for the same monthly subscription fee.

NEC offers a range of customised, flexible package that meet the diverse, individual needs of your people. This means that you can empower your workforce and teams while only paying for the functionality you need.

You can also choose from a wide range of communication devices and support packages. And, unlike many of our competitors, you can choose the carrier you wish or use the highly competitive services of our partner AAPT.

Telephony / Voice
An intelligent, feature-rich and reliable telephony solution that help you securely and simply connect with colleagues and customers. The service comes with all the features you would expect from a high-quality telephony system, and you can choose from a wide range of handsets and devices that best suit your needs.

Video and Web Conferencing
Communicate, collaborate and share information face-to-face with your clients, employees and colleagues. Your business can benefit from the enhanced experience offered by video and web conferencing, including a more personal connection and more productive work teams, all while making significant savings in travel costs and time.

Enables video and web conferencing everywhere, on any device, from smartphones and tablets, to laptops and desktop PCs. NEC can also deliver high-quality room-based and immersive video conferencing solutions.

Your people can take their work with them and easily communicate and collaborate on almost any device, from laptops and tablets through to smartphones.

The solution can include single number reach, presence, instant messaging, soft-phone application, smooth hand-off between devices, integrated messaging, application sharing, extension mobility, desktop sharing, and customer collaboration such as contact centre services.

Knowing if a colleague is connected and available can help to improve efficiency and productivity while enabling faster decision making and improved customer service. Intelligent presence enables you to see the availability of your co-workers, so you can instantly know if they are available, are in a meeting, on the phone or away from their desk or devices.

Chat and Instant Messaging
Chat and instant messaging (IM) functionality can help you to connect and collaborate with colleagues simply and securely, in real-time.

IM is an increasingly popular and flexible way for your people to rapidly create ad-hoc, real-time discussions with co-workers, partners and customers and it becomes an even more powerful collaborative tool when combined with features like document sharing and white-boarding, or quickly resolving customer questions while on the phone.

Contact Centre
To enable business to better serve customers, the contact centre has evolved into a rich multi-channel environment that handles email, live web chat and video.

NEC can provide a comprehensive range of voice and multi-channel contact centre solutions deployed either on-premise or via the cloud. From out-of-the-box to fully customised solutions, from one seat to thousands of seats across many sites, NEC Australia has delivered solutions to more than 800 Australian businesses, servicing more than 30,000 contact centre seats.

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