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Quality Management Suite - SMB - Features


Unified user interface

All of the Quality Management Suite modules - from call recording, agent evaluation, and computer recording - are available from a single web-based user interface. The easy-to-use web-based interface requires minimal training for contact centre managers and supervisors.

Multiple recording options

Administrators can elect to record interactions on-demand, full-time, or using triggers like DNIS and caller ID information.

Screen recordings

Automatically capture a visual record of employees’ desktop computer activity, regardless of telephone usage. Rules-based profile options allow administrators to be very targeted with desktop recording efforts. Computer recordings can be triggered based upon application usage, scheduled, full-time, or activated when a telephone call occurs.

Syncronised voice and video

Managers can view the entire customer interaction, synced with the telephone audio, providing insight into the flow of business systems and processes.

Flag interactions

Authorised users can mark captured interactions - call recordings and desktop video—using customisable flags, enabling businesses to easily search and retrieve interactions and capture critical business data with the interaction recordings.

Live monitoring

Contact centre managers can view employee desktop activity and listen to calls in real-time. Ideal for spot monitoring and to provide employees timely feedback.

Multi-level access rights

Administrators can assign permissions to managers for monitoring, recording, video, playback and reporting on individual employees and groups.

Multi-site support

Live monitor and record from any location with the web-based user interface.

Search and retrieve

Integrated search capabilities encompasses multiple media types - including desktop captures and call recordings - in a single search interface. Telephone interactions can be retrieved using multiple criteria including: time and date, user name, user’s department, user’s location, call duration, inbound caller ID name and number, flagged name or value, and outbound number dialled. Desktop recordings can be retrieved through searches by date, time, or user name.

Simple configuration

Multiple users can be configured using an intuitive interface. Recording and monitoring can begin in a matter of minutes.

Multi-language support

Users can select which language they want to interact with the Quality Management Suite. Supported languages include English, Spanish, French, Canadian French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Ukrainian.

Agent evaluation scoring

Multiple scoring modes are available within each scorecard (Yes/No/Not Applicable, 1-5/Not Applicable, 0-9), since not every question will conform to a single scoring format. An unlimited number of call evaluations and scorecards can be created to meet your business’ needs.

Evaluation reports

Agent Evaluation reports can be saved, scheduled, and included in the Quality Management Suite dashboard. Export reports to share positive results throughout your business.

API access

Administrators can extend the power of the Quality Management Suite using complimentary APIs. Integrate custom applications to leverage the value of interaction recordings with existing business systems.

System alerts

Automated emails and system event log entries alert administrators when the following occur: Communication between the call recording service and data service fails, disk space becomes low on any storage location, database read/write or connection failures, disk read/write failures, network interface failures, critical errors occur in third party call control interfaces, such as a loss of connection with the PBX.

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