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DiMetro Voice Recorder – SMB - Specifications

DiMETRO Voice Recorder is comprised of two components; the recording client and the recording server. The recording client uses a telephone patch adapter to record conversations from the agent's handset to the soundcard on their PC. Using the latest voice compression technology, the recording is sent across the existing network to the recording server.
The recording server manages the safe storage of recordings, monitors user access, handles recording queries and data archiving. Both components use existing "off-the-shelf" technology, providing a low cost, highly flexible call recording solution.

Unlike traditional recording solutions, DiMETRO does not require the installation of equipment at the PABX/ACD. Regardless of whether your workplace uses hot-desking or assigned workstations, DiMETRO is able to follow an agent and correctly assign ownership to recordings.

This approach means DiMETRO can be implemented without affecting the existing telephone infrastructure or impacting the ability of the call centre to process calls.

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