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DiMetro Voice Recorder – SMB - Overview

Experience simple, seamless call recording with the flexible DiMETRO device.


Affordable call recording

DiMETRO Voice Recorder is a cost-effective call recording solution, which you can use to monitor and train your staff and provide security. Combined with our world-class contact centre solutions, this voice recording and performance management tool can help your business get a competitive edge in the market.

DiMETRO Voice Recorder at a glance

DiMETRO is a simple, low-cost device that suits almost any business. It has an easy to install hardware adapter which captures audio from either a handset or headset. It then digitises and stores these files on your PC.

DiMETRO is made up of two components: the recording client and the recording server. The recording client uses a telephone patch adapter to record conversations from your handset to the soundcard on your PC.
By tapping into your existing computer system and network infrastructure, the multi-user DiMETRO helps increase your return on existing IT assets and gives you a highly flexible call recording solution, whatever your business needs.