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DiMetro Voice Recorder – SMB - Features

Seamless recording

The technology independent nature of DiMETRO allows the seamless recording of calls regardless of the underlying telephony transmission. Whether you use a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), it is able to capture conversations, centrally store the recording and playback on demand.

Triggered recording

Call recording can be initiated by a number of triggers. Continuous recording captures every second regardless of whether actual activity occurs, automatic recording is triggered by the detection of sound and stops after a configurable length of silence, scheduled recording can be pre-defined based on day of the week and time of the day, manual mode enables a user to start/stop recording at will, custom triggers enable the integration of recording into external applications/events.

Configurable compression

Audio compression can be configured based on recording quality and recording size - the higher the recording quality, the greater the recording size. By adopting specialised voice compression technology, DiMETRO can reduce a ten minute recording to as little as 350 kilobytes (35k per minute) while maintaining recording clarity.

Browser based

DiMETRO makes extensive use of browser based technology to reduce deployment time and cost. Users can search and playback recordings from their browser. DiMETRO's use of non-proprietary media formats ensures all users can listen to recordings without the need to install additional software.

Highly scalable

By embracing industry standard technology, including IBM WebSphere and MS-SQLServer, DiMETRO offers a highly scalable yet open technology platform. As your recording requirements grow, DiMETRO will meet your needs in a flexible and cost effective manner.

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