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CAAB: XL Call Accounting Software - Features


The reporting module provides access to all information in the database, reporting on telephone calls by extension, authority/account code, personnel, room or department. Reports can be produced in text, graphic, detailed or summary format. The report output can be redirected to screen, printer, email or file.

Multiple formats

Output can be to many different formats including MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, PDF, or you can directly access the database for import to a third party application. All reports are organised into easy-to-navigate groups. Reports can be run for any period of time with convenient shortcuts such as ‘last month’ making the process even simpler.

Scheduled reports to email

Imagine running your monthly departmental reports automatically, and having them sent to the department heads via email without lifting a finger! CAAB XL’s scheduled reports can do just that.

Data collection

The Station Message Detail Record call collection module calculates call costs and records calls. It can handle small key systems or a large telephone system network, allowing real time monitoring of calls from any management console.

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