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CAAB: Enterprise Billing - Overview

Take your enterprise to new heights with CAAB Enterprise Billing, a world-class call accounting and billing product.

CAAB excel

Feature-packed call accounting and billing

If you are in the enterprise or government sector, you’ll want a world-class purpose-built call accounting and billing application. CAAB Enterprise Billing is an Australian-made Windows/SQL Server tailored specifically to your business needs. It connects with your phone system, computer network and electronic carrier billing data. This allows you to allocate, analyse and report call costs and the use of your fixed line, mobile phone and data traffic.

It is part of our premier CAAB call accounting package (CAAB Enterprise Billing & CAAB XL), from our key technology partner TSA Software Solutions.

Why choose CAAB Enterprise Billing?

You benefit from a market-leading, affordable application, whether you are running a small or large enterprise. Few other solutions deliver the flexibility, features and power available in CAAB.

If you run a small or medium enterprise, we offer a ‘shrink wrapped’ solution. Or if you’re in the government or enterprise space, you can choose a fully-customised managed or self-managed service.

With its sophisticated data structure, it can even be integrated with your human resources and finance systems.

CAAB Enterprise Billing at a glance

  • Ideal for SMEs (small or medium enterprises) or big business.
  • Suitable for any sized organisation.
  • Use with Windows/SQL.
  • Active firewall.
  • Combine voice, data and mobile billing ‘per employee’.

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