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CAAB: Enterprise Billing - Features

Our Enterprise Billing product includes a range of advances along with all the functionality you would expect from a fully featured call accounting, billing and directory package.

Per employee information

The ability to combine billing information for voice, data, and mobiles into a ‘per employee’ or other organisational perspective to get a true cost for the first time. In the near future (currently under development) this will also include utilities and other generic feeds

VoIP support

The product supports the latest distributed telecommunications hardware platforms including VoIP networks

Complete record

The directory and inventory data structure includes a complete record of past allocations (business units, charge codes and invoice points) and movements which enables historically correct reporting and retrospective entry of moves and changes for the life of the database

Multiple carrier import

The product allows the importation of multiple carrier electronic bills for distribution into organisational and financial structures. In addition to distributing carrier based charges, these charges are subject to a number of validation processes including:

  • Confirmation of carrier rental charges and frequencies.
  • Validation of carrier call rates via a re-rating engine.
  • Validation of call volumes against telephony system call records.

The product will also facilitate the distribution of call charges from one or more carriers to individual extensions or users based on telephony system call records. It has the ability to import mobile bills from one or more carriers for subsequent analysis, inventory allocation and reporting.


The enterprise scalability required to effectively handle “millions of records” per day and hundreds of thousands of inventory items

Active firewall

TSA is the first billing company to incorporate an “active firewall” into its voice and data collection devices with the capabilities of full content and virus scanning updated automatically on a per minute basis

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