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CAAB: Enterprise Billing - CAAB Modules

In addition to the baseline products (CAAB Enterprise Billing & CAAB XL), CAAB's modularity can be extended by integrating a number of add on modules which will meet virtually any billing and call accounting scenario.

Data billing

Data billing provides packet based internet traffic billing to ip addresses/hostnames which are reported on the same as telephone extensions.

Mobile billing

The mobile bill import module allows for the importation of mobile call records from carrier electronic bills to facilitate combined voice, data and mobiles reporting at a user level. This module can accommodate tens of thousands of mobiles.


Built on top of CAAB XL is CAAB hospitality providing all the features of CAAB XL with simple, easy to use check in & check out hotel/motel call billing.

Credit management system

Credit management system is also based on CAAB XL with CAAB hospitality features plus providing extension cut off on NEC systems.

Operator directory

Operator directory console providing fast directory lookups for switchboard operators.

PMS on-send

CAAB PMS on-send is designed to read the NEC PMS data stream and look specifically for call records. The CAAB call costing engine analyses the dialled number for each call then calculates the number of pulses the call would have generated, inserts that information into the data stream and on-sends it to the front desk application. This allows the front desk application to assign a cost per pulse for the customer’s telephone bill. All other records, such as room cut off/on, maid status etc, are passed between the front desk and PABX unchanged.

System audit service

System audit service is an internet access tool which provides a full telephone system audit on request. An Excel spreadsheet containing the results of your audit is emailed to you on completion. Other features include automated system backup and digital/analogue extension guides.

NEC Knowledge Broker

An integration ‘tool kit’ designed to locate and distribute information from multiple data sources. It will integrate Directory, Console, Call Accounting, PABX maintenance.

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