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PASOLINK Network Management Terminal - Features

PASOLINK Network Management Terminal (Java version)

Status monitor and control

  • The PNMTj software can be connected to any PASOLINK, PASOLINK+ or
  • PASOLINK NEO Series from any location on the network.
  • PNMTj monitors and controls the selected network elements, together with its opposite side of the link in a fashion similar to that in the PNMSj.

Remote control

  • The PNMTj provides remote control of various links related parameters such as transmission power and frequency allocation.

Event logging

  • Events stored in the IDU can be uploaded, and saved in the PNMTj. Up to 300 event logs are displayed.

Performance monitoring

  • The PNMTj displays the performance data stored in the network elements at both ends of the selected link. Two types of data files are displayed, one is a data file of the past 15 minutes and the other is a daily data file of the past 7 days.


  • Users are registered by means of a login name and password
  • Five levels of user privileges are defined.

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