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PASOLINK Network Management System – Features

PASOLINK Network Management System (Java version)

Any platform

  • Free from OS limitations, PNMSj runs on either Windows or UNIX.
  • PNMSj is based on SNMP manager/agent technology.

Any Client

  • PNMSj Clients are able to monitor and control NEs, using most Web browsers (Internet Explorer, for example)
  • Remote NEs (Network Elements) are accessible by using either a PPP serial interface or a LAN interface.

Link Oriented Visualisation

  • The microwave radio links are clearly shown on the display. Combining equipment status with key parameter settings and performance data for both sides of a microwave link in a single window allows easy troubleshooting and efficient maintenance work.

Advanced event / alarm management

  • NE List, event log, event log history, active alarm, alarm panel, alarm history, filter setting, severity setting, search, logical group, graphical map.

Enhanced performance management

  • Conforms to the ITU-T G.826 recommendation
  • Scheduled or on-demand upload
  • Report or chart presentation
  • Threshold setting and alerts.

Flexible security management

  • Setting changes are recorded in a log with the user's name.
  • Multi-level user groups
  • Functions and NEs can be defined for each user group.

User-friendly configuration management

  • Automatic creation and easy modification of network configuration data, using the Network Configuration Tool
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies configuration and control of link-related parameters, maintenance operation functions and auxiliary I/O.
  • Changes to the network configuration made by an operator are recorded in PNMSj Log. (These include Log-in, Alarm Ack, PMC/CTRL Soft Download, Upload/ Download to PMC, and Network Configuration File Import.)

System management

  • Database backup/restoration, automatic date/time setting to network elements, colour setting, polling setting, severity setting
  • Other functions
  • Upload/download configuration file.

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