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iPASOLINK SX – Small Cell backhaul, full outdoor packet radio (V-band 60GHz)

Advanced IP radio solution for small cell backhaul

iPASOLINK SX is a new addition to the iPASOLINK line-up of product and services designed to meet the 4G (LTE/WiMAX) requirement of front-line IP based mobile networks. This innovative full packet radio meets all the requirements for outdoor deployment, including 60GHz un-licensed frequency band usage, easy provisioning and maintenance, and an advanced L2 switch function. Designed for point to point radio link transmission over the short distance of a small cell transport network, the iPASOLINK SX design concepts reduce operational and maintenance costs. What's more, when migrating to a state-of-the-art network, iPASOLINK SX makes 4G network deployment frequency planning more efficient and cost effective and shortens time to market.

  • Zero spectrum cost

○     Un-licensed frequency band (59-63GHz).

  • High spectrum efficiency

○     QPSK to 256QAM adaptive modulation.

  • Easy deployment

○     Zero foot print

○     Low power consumption

○     Quick installation and provisioning

○     Easy maintenance

○     All-in-one integrated antenna.

  • High reliability

○     Advanced error collection

  • Man machine interface

○     Browser based user interface with GUI

○     In-band NMS.

  • Frequency Band

○     59 - 63GHz

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