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iPASOLINK ODU - Advanced ODU type IAG / IAP

NEC iPASOLINK ODUs are renowned for their reliability and are trusted to provide market leading transmission performance in the broadest range of environmental conditions across the planet.

The new IAG and IAP Series ODUs are masterpieces of quality and performance in units much smaller, lighter and energy efficient than ever before, featuring:

  • GaAs and GaN Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit technology for excellent transmission performance with up to 3x the power efficiency (on IAP GaN model).
  • Smallest footprint and power consumption in their class (IAG model features NEC’s Automatic Transmitter Power Control).
  • NEC’s ultra-compact surface mount and multilayer PCB technology.
  • New wider modulation range (QPSK to 2048QAM).
  • More urban deployment flexibility and more environmentally friendly.

IAG ODU – The smallest in the industry

IAG ODUs are designed for easier deployment and lower power consumption.

  • iPASOLINK Series compatible: 6 to 42 GHz band
  • The smallest and lightest weight body for easy install
  • Low power consumption – 13~38GHz: 17W. (30%  lower than the previous version)
  • Power saving mode with ATPC function
  • Optional “sub band free” on  7/8, 13-23GHz capable
  • Wider modulation range (QPSK to 2048QAM)
  • Channel bandwidth up to 112MHz
  • XPIC (CCDP) system reserved.


IAP ODU – Extraordinary power efficiency
  • “IAP” ODUs are designed for 3x the power.
  • iPASOLINK Series compatible: 6~11 GHz Band
  • GaN technology  giving 3x the transmission power of previous models 
    (NHP ODU) at the same footprint
  • Wider Modulation range (QPSK to 2048QAM)
  • Channel bandwidth up to 112MHz
  • XPIC(CCDP) system reserved

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