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iPASOLINK EX – Small cell backhaul, full outdoor packet radio (E-band 70/80GHz)

iPASOLINK EX is a new solution designed for future high-speed networks. The iPASOLINK line-up is designed to provide IP-based mobile backhaul for 4G (LTE/WiMAX) deployment. This innovative all-outdoor radio includes: easy installation, provisioning, and maintenance; advanced Ethernet functionality; and, high reliability and low power consumption. This equipment can go through new generation with nonconventional high capacity, reliability and functions. And this can be applied for not only mobile backhaul, but also core network in urban city zone. Moreover this equips powerful upgradability and it realises to get more high capacity or high reliability. Specifically functions are XPIC (CCDP) and 1+1 protection configuration.

  • Ultra high speed

○     Full speed GbE and more capacity (up to 3Gbps full duplex).

  • High-spectrum efficiency

○     QPSK to 256QAM adaptive modulation.

  • Easy deployment

○     Zero footprint

○     Low power consumption

○     Quick installation and provisioning

○     Easy maintenance

○     All-in-one configuration and integrated antenna.

  • High performance switch capability

○     Full functional L2 switch.

  • High reliability

○     Advanced error collection

  • Man-machine interfaces

○     Browser-based user interface with GUI

○     In-band NMS.

  • Frequency Band

○     71- 76GHz / 81 - 86GHz FDD.

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