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Mobile Access Controller MAC - Features

Mobile Access Controller

MAC’s key features:

  • Auto self-check - Provides early fault detection and operator warning.
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) - using GPS and Dead Reckoning to provide speed, direction and location.
  • Data Logging - All transactions and data are stored and forwarded when in coverage and keep in vehicle up to 12 months.
  • Driver management - Management of driver authorisation, fatigue and behaviour.
  • Duress reporting - Immediate reporting of duress over all bearers upon activation of vehicle or personal duress device with acknowledgement.
  • Identity management - Identify and authenticate vehicle occupants.
  • Least cost routing - Configurable business rules allow you to determine which radio networks are to be used depending on availability and the particular region you are in, enabling you to manage costs.
  • Lone Worker - Where a worker is in the field by themselves the MAC will, based on a predetermined time period, send an alert to the worker. If the worker does not cancel the alert confirming their safety, the MAC will raise a duress alert passing the worker’s identity and location over each of the available radio links to the Management Centre.
  • Man Down - An optional feature. Using the “man down” sensor on the hand-held portable device, the MAC will report back to the Management Centre when the hand-held has been horizontal (lying down) for more than a predetermined period of time. Prior to raising an alarm, the hand-held device will beep to alert the worker that it is about to raise an alarm. If no action is taken by the worker an alarm is raised. The MAC will broadcast the alarm, the worker’s identity and location, over each of the available radio links.
  • Multi-bearer communications - Voice & data communications provided over available bearers, including voice radio, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi and satellite.
  • Over The Air (OTA) Management - Vehicle configuration and software upgrades managed over the air.
  • Personnel location - GPS enabled handheld portable enables personnel location for duress management.
  • Playback - Playback of vehicle location and status for evidentiary and compliance requirements.
  • Personal Privacy - Data access is controlled to ensure personal privacy.
  • Presentation - The Management Centre browser interface provides access to vehicle data using standardised customer screens.
  • Reporting - Reporting of collected data tailored to an organisations requirements.
  • Security - Secure communications and data access.
  • Telemetry - Monitor vehicle and trailor data for excessive breaking, hard cornering, temperature and engine management.