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Mobile Access Controller MAC - Components

Mobile Access Controller

Key components of the Mobile Access Controller solution

  • 7" Touchscreen - Provides a standard human machine interface to MAC messaging, navigation, web browser and underlying voice & data networks.
  • Address Book - One touch connection for ease of use.
  • Communications Hub - Vehicle acts a mobile communications hub for all local voice and data communications.
  • Duress Key Fob - Wearable device to send duress from outside the vehicle.
  • Fist Mic - Push to talk over all bearers.
  • G Force Sensors - Measures vehicle acceleration and attitude.
  • Integrated Reversing Camera - Utilising 7" touchscreen.
  • In-Vehicle Repeating (IVR) - Extends a hand held portable radio up to 3.5km from the vehicle for voice and duress.
  • Navigation - Turn by turn navigation using customer points of interest. Can be integrated into dispatch system.
  • Proximity Card Reader - Provides authentication of system and identification of vehicle occupants.
  • Thin Client Application - MAC supports thin client applications tailored for 7” screen.
  • Vehicle Interfaces - Monitor and control the vehicle systems through multiple I/Os, relay drivers, CANbus, SAE1708 and SAEJ1939 standards.
  • Vehicle Power Management - Provides intelligent power management to extend operational life and protect vehicle systems.
  • Voice Notifications - Converts text to speech for messaging and navigation.
  • WiFi Access Point - Access Mode enables devices to connect to data services available to the vehicle. Client Mode enables use of WiFi as an alternative vehicle bearer.