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Mobile Access Controller MAC - Benefits

Mobile Access Controller

Mission critical communications

Fleet operators need to be able to provide reliable voice and network coverage to their remote field service staff. Whether it’s for job dispatch and work orders, navigation, access to office networks and knowledge databases or emergency/duress situations for OH&S, the need to stay connected and in touch is paramount to enable field staff to work safely and effectively.

Increased productivity

Reliable connectivity means that you can improve worker productivity in the field. You no longer have to wait for a field worker to return to base or to return to your private radio network coverage to be able to communicate with them. This means that you can communicate with them anywhere and provide necessary information to your field workers to maximise their productivity. The Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) capability enables operators to locate and utilise the MAC's closest/most appropriate resource for any job.

Reduced costs

The MAC has been designed to provide the most appropriate connectivity while minimising your total cost of ownership. The MAC allows you to protect your existing investments by integrating into your existing radio communications, reducing your deployment costs and extending the life of your existing investment. Configuration can be done remotely, eliminating the need to take vehicles off the road. MAC also supports least cost routing, which enables you to set business rules to ensure that communication costs are kept to minimum. Furthermore, if you have a leased vehicle fleet, the MAC provides a low cost de-installation solution.


The MAC can be configured to suit a variety of business needs and applications to provide a total field based workforce communications solution. Whilst the core functionality of the MAC consists of multiple network connectivity options for voice and data it can be fully configured with a range of accessories including antennas, ruggedised keyboards, printers etc. As the needs of a customer’s business changes so can the MAC solution.

Enhanced OH&S

Remote field worker safety is critical and the MAC provides a number of features to support OH&S initiatives including: Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) & personal navigation via GPS, duress and emergency alerting, both in-vehicle and up to 3.5km away from the vehicle via a hand held radio, or other device (e.g. key fob).

Workforce mobility enablement

In addition to voice communications with either private or public networks, the MAC can be used to deploy data services to vehicles enabling real-time access to business applications or local processing of data. The MAC will also provide a personal WiFi network "hot spot" in the area surrounding the car to allow more flexibility for connectivity in remote environments.

Single user interface that supports open-standard platforms

The optional 7” (17.78cm) touchscreen head unit provides a simple common interface to field staff for standard vehicle navigation functions using built-in maps, web browser access, voice control and MAC system management functions; web based thin client applications, and duress alerts. MAC's Management Centre software application (MAC-MC) provides central control, configuration and reporting functionality for a fleet of terminal units deployed in vehicles. The MAC-MC can be integrated into existing backend systems and supports multi-vendor environments.

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