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Network Infrastructure Services - Remote community support

NEC Australia is the largest ICT services supplier in the Northern Territory, with a significant regional and remote community ICT services arm. We also provide similar services to all Northern Territory schools via our contract with the NT Department of Education and Training, including providing proactive visits to urban locations.

How NEC Australia benefits remote communities

NEC Australia has dedicated teams located at both Darwin and Alice Springs airports. We provide proactive, scheduled visits to all government offices throughout the Northern Territory and to all schools via our contract with the NT Department of Education and Training. The service is coordinated with the communities’ ICT operations, and is highly successful due to the level of local knowledge we possess and the flexibility of our service program to meet local needs.

Remote communities can request the Flying PC Technician support to assist with most technical queries. While onsite our technicians can:

  • rectify any outstanding issues (as logged via our Service Desk or advised by the RCS Supervisor)
  • provide advice and guidance in the use of the NT Government ICT environment
  • provide face to face contact to remote community facilities with regular visits throughout the year.

Education and training for the indigenous community

NEC Australia also recognises indigenous employment and training as an important issue. Through our regular visits to remote communities our management team saw an opportunity to contribute to the development of indigenous training and employment in the ICT industry, with a particular focus on these remote communities. With the support of the NT Education Department NEC Australia operates an Indigenous ICT Development Program in the Northern Territory.

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