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Multi-vendor Maintenance - Benefits

NEC can work with you to understand your specific situation and requirements - meaning that you can minimise your risks and get back to focussing on your core business. We offer:

  • flexible, customised solutions for your multi-vendor environment, with committed response and resolution times tailored to meet your needs
  • flexible and cost-effective technical support across multi-vendor operating environments
  • access to specialist technical, change management and maintenance resources, with the right training and tools required to support your telecommunications systems and networks
  • the confidence of dealing with an ISO certified company with 40 years experience in Australia.

Our services include:


On-site installation of equipment and associated items.


Testing and commissioning of installed equipment to confirm operational performance.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Testing performance under simulated installed conditions (including temperature, humidity etc.).

Customer witness testing

As for FAT but with a customer representative in attendance.

Preventative maintenance

Regular periodic maintenance of equipment in the field.

Configuration management

Comprehensive database of installed base configuration for upgrade and compatibility management.

Change management

Coordination of changes to installed base and update to configuration information.

Obsolescence management

Tracking and reporting of obsolete equipment and identification of substitute equipment.

Return to depot repair to component level

In-factory diagnosis and repair of component level failures.

Field repair

In-field failure diagnosis and repair / replacement.

Spare parts management

Maintenance of the spare parts pool required to support the installed base as per MTBF and MTTR requirements.

Asset management

Tracking of asset deployment and status across the installed base.

Incident management

Tracking and reporting of support incidents from identification through to resolution.

Web and telephone help desk -24/7/365 support

Around-the-clock support through internet and telephone.