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Organisational Change Leadership - Overview

  • Overview

Proven methodologies to deliver assured outcomes

Organisational Change Leadership

‘If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading’ Lao Tzu

Advances in technology provide almost limitless opportunities for business improvement and transformational change. However, realising tangible benefits from ICT investments often requires a significant paradigm shift that relies on identifying, engaging and supporting key business stakeholders to minimise resistance and maximise user adoption.

NEC recommends designing and deploying robust organisational change management plans which incorporate a holistic view of the organisation, including; culture, values, role capability requirements and performance drivers, to appropriately position ICT as a business enabler.

Our Strategic Consulting team leverage their expertise and extensive experience to develop robust organisational change strategies, plans and activities. We help support successful change and benefits realisation by exploring the potential change impact, creating a vision for the change journey. We embed change by engaging end users effectively through communication, competency development, and training.

Services include:

  • Change readiness and impact
  • Stakeholder and communications management
  • Job and organisational design
  • Capability development and training.

Whether you are looking to determine your readiness for change, optimise the use of new or existing systems, or transform your business through ICT enablement, contact us today.

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