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User Experience and Design - Overview

Rather than requiring users to adapt their attitudes and behaviours in order to learn and use it, a system should be designed to support its intended users’ existing beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours.

User Experience Ctr

User Experience Consulting

NEC Australia’s User Experience Centre of Excellence works with a proven, disciplined and evidence based approach to define interaction between individual users and the system. To help you determine what user experience is best for your business, our User Experience Consultants work with you to ensure it properly supports user goals, while also satisfying system requirements and organisational objectives.

The overall user experience is central for any system to achieve its business purpose. No information system is an end in itself – it must interact with its users:

Here are some key questions our User Experience consultants will ask – and answer:

  • How do users interact with it?
  • How do users perceive it?
  • How do users learn from it?
  • How does it align with the business process it is designed to address?
  • How does it align with overall project development?

Our User Experience team conducts user experience assessments for some of Australia’s most iconic companies. Our 100 point UX Assessment gives you an insight to the useability strengths and weaknesses of your system. This assessment is free and can be completed in an hour.

NEC Australia’s primary user experience focus is on enhancing customer and employee value through the use of advanced User Centred Design (UCD) techniques. We combine technology innovation and creativity to create an optimal user experience for your organisation. We examine such aspects of the user experience as:

  • Information flow
  • User satisfaction
  • Interface interaction
  • Instructional design

Your user experience is central to successful systems design.

NEC Australia’s User Experience Capabilities

  • Strategic consulting and project management
  • Evaluation of your current system and assistance with migrating to an industry leading solution
  • Business process and interaction analysis – identifying key drivers
  • Functional and technical design and user experience enhancement
  • Implementation and support
  • Exploring additional capabilities
  • Mobile accessibility