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Security Consulting - Product Portfolio

Virtual private network (VPN) solutions

A virtual private network (VPN) allows for connectivity of multiple sites over a private or public wide area network (WAN) infrastructure. The establishment of a VPN service over a public infrastructure can realise significant cost savings as compared to private alternatives.

VPNs can also be used to remotely connect roaming users such as a mobile sales force, telecommuters or the home office user who may need access to information from the corporate network.

Setting up and managing VPN tunnels takes some effort, especially when multiple tunnels are required. NEC can provide VPN services to meet a wide range of business needs. These services can relieve organisations of the administrative and management burden often associated with VPNs.

Security policy development

A well developed security policy can protect valuable corporate data and prevent business disruption and costly downtime. NEC can help you create new policies, or modify existing policies, in line with recognised AS/NZS 4444 or ISO17799 information security standards.

Your security policy will determine what security measures are implemented across your organisation, and how. Your security policy may also be utilised as a high-level statement from senior management, from which all other documentation can be derived.

Threat assessment analysis

NEC can undertake a threat assessment analysis to detect deficiencies that exist in your data or telecommunications networks. This service highlights areas that may require security enhancements, and makes recommendations to help you address them.
Threat assessments can also determine whether your networks adhere to security policies. They can be performed on a ‘one off’ basis to meet a specific business need, or can be scheduled to take place at regular intervals. Each assessment includes in-depth consultation with NEC’s security experts and a vulnerabilities report.

Intrusion detection

Many organisations only detect intrusions or security breaches after they have occurred. By this time, valuable information may be lost or data and telecommunications systems may be severely compromised.

Our intrusion detection services (IDS) identify attacks on your company networks in real time. Importantly, once detected, NEC’s Security Operations Centre can deploy counter measures to stop the attack and possibly prevent future attacks.

IDS can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs and network, and to complement any measures you may already have in place, such as virus scanning technology.

Industrial network consulting and management

NEC has a complete end-to-end range of industrial Network System Security services and solutions. This includes comprehensive planning, implementation and support services for security solutions and managed security services using Industrial Control Systems, SCADA and Security Information and Events Management (SIEM).

Security consulting and solutions from NEC guides enterprises on the best ways to protect assets and maximise business goals through maintaining a strong security posture. Comprehensive assessments identify network vulnerabilities, offer remediation recommendations and help build effective security programs and enforceable policies.

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