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Security Consulting - Overview

Access real-time information on your network and hosts status, safeguard against cyber attacks, or just let us take care of the day-to-day security tasks.

Security services

Security breaches or failures in security systems can result in far-reaching adverse impacts on your organisation – as well as the community and economy at large.

Organisations are increasingly at risk and many do not have the resources to manage security internally.

Take control of your organisation’s security

If your organisation needs a high level of enterprise wide security, NEC can work with you to ensure you have a secure and stable network.

NEC offers a wide range of security services and solutions across multiple technologies and vendors, designed to protect your voice and data networks.

We can provide a wide range of security solutions to suit your needs:

  • virtual private network (VPN) solutions
  • security policy development
  • threat assessment analysis
  • intrusion detection
  • access protection
  • security management and monitoring
  • industrial network consulting and management.

NEC’s highly skilled and experienced team has more than 20 years’ experience having run many successful security projects.

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