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Security Consulting - Access Protection

NEC’s access protection services provide protection over and above a simple firewall between your corporate network and the internet.

Access to and from corporate networks requires protection - and some areas of internal networks such as server farms require additional protection. NEC’s security experts can devise robust protection services for your organisation.

Security management and monitoring

Even if your organisation employs a wide range of security measures, this may not be enough if they are not continuously kept updated, or if your internal IT department does not have clear visibility of your network.

Our security management services ensure your IT department is kept informed of the latest information on current threats. We can proactively configure security equipment to block even the newest forms of attack.

Additionally, our monitoring services keep a constant eye on your security measures to ensure they are operating effectively. In the event that something stops working, NEC can quickly investigate the problem and assist in restoring the service. Robust, comprehensive management and monitoring of security services is imperative to minimise or prevent costly business disruption.

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