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NEC Cloud Transformation

NEC Cloud Transformation


A business’s decision to move its ICT activities to the cloud is a significant one. There are many technical, operational and financial issues and risks to be considered before plans are made and investments committed. NEC’s Cloud Transformation solutions remove the uncertainty of transitioning to the cloud. Our Cloud Transformation solutions provide a range of services that enable businesses to assess the viability of moving to cloud solutions and to map out a smooth transitional path from their present mode of operation to a future cloud service environment.

Business Benefits

NEC Cloud Transformation services help you to:

  • Develop comparative business models based on real data.
  • Leverage your existing investments.
  • Build the cloud architecture to meet your business needs.
  • Build your cloud adoption plan roadmap and mitigation plan.
  • Define the necessary levels of ongoing support.

Solution Offers

NEC Cloud Transformation services include:

  • Cloud Readiness – NEC’s three step assessment process that defines your business requirements; analyses key modelling parameters and develops your design roadmap and adoption plan.
  • Cloud Service Mapping – To measure success tomorrow, you have to understand today. NEC’s unique service mapping analytics capture current service costs today and demonstrates how transitioning can improve the TCO bottom line. Real data, real benefits.
  • Business Services Review – It’s no longer just about ICT, it’s about delivering a business service. NEC’s business process mapping captures, maps and reports on current services and provides Cloud roadmap options to improve them.

Why NEC?

  • NEC has a strong heritage of managing complex business transformations.
  • Our transformation approach focuses on the business needs of our customers.
  • NEC’s Cloud Transformation solutions ensure our customers have the right cloud solution and service environment that balances technology and business benefits.

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