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Applications Managed Services - Solutions

NEC Australia’s broad experience allows you to take advantage of highly skilled information technology professionals to assist you in understanding how best to manage your ICT requirements and once in place maintain them. The solutions available include:

Strategic ICT Planning

Our talented ICT architects, consultants and project managers will collaborate with you to develop a clear and defined roadmap shifting your current IT environment to a leaner, more efficient and powerful infrastructure in direct support of your strategic business plan.

Managing ICT Risk

NEC Australia can help you identify the ever-changing and increasingly complex threats to your business and ICT environments, providing you with better security, reduced management costs and a greater control and compliance facility.

We also provide a continuous improvement approach in our risk management services with a commitment to managing CT as a strategic asset. This includes comprehensive physical and virtual assessments of your ICT environment to identify, make recommendations and implement cost-effective mitigation and prevention strategies to protect your valuable business assets.

Developing a strong and effective strategic engagement

NEC Australia works with you by engaging a qualified NEC Enterprise Architect, together with our SMSS Server engineering team, to capture your key business issues, including reconfiguration and rationalisation initiatives. We conduct workshops and regular meetings to achieve an understanding of the customer's environment from a services perspective. Specifically, the key outcomes of this engagement are to define key customer services, map supporting components to each service; and understand and define interdependencies.

We also provide an NEC architect to help you develop an ICT strategic plan. The architect will work with the NEC server team responsible for supporting your environment, to capture information from all aspects of that environment, such as:

  • Virtualised environments (including thin client configurations)
  • Server and storage infrastructure
  • Data protection and management
  • Disaster recovery and backup.

National Support Services team

NEC’s National Support Services team has significant experience providing services to a variety of customers, particularly with geographically disparate sites and large user bases. From all aspects of project management to balancing development needs with system maintenance, our general ICT skill set underpins the delivery of the majority of our ICT managed services. We deliver true cost of service reduction and optimal system performance.

Mission Critical Applications Support

For your mission critical applications NEC Australia’s experienced support offering enables you to:

  • Leverage our centralised National Support office through our regional support centres throughout the country.
  • Manage geographically disparate sites with large user bases.
  • Provide for you a single point of contact service management.
  • Access flexible ad-hoc service to provision specialised project resources into client or third party project teams.
  • Access Industry standard OLA based service offerings, and significant reach back to a Platinum Partner OBA ready implementation network.

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