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Advanced Security Surveillance Solution - Overview

Get sharper moving images in low light, with the world’s first surveillance colour camera.

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Crystal clear night vision

Get clearer surveillance footage at night, with the NC-R550 High Sensitivity Camera. Even in near-total darkness with only starlight, the world’s first 3-chip EM-CCD colour camera gives you high resolution moving colour images. Your surveillance staff can also view long distances with excellent sharpness and clarity.

Hazy green images are a thing of the past. Unlike traditional night vision cameras, the NC-R550 gives crystal-clear, detailed colour images.

With the NC-R550, you can detect people, objects and vessels in low light. This makes it ideal for guarding on land or at sea.

The NC-R550 high sensitivity camera at a glance

  • sharper images in low-light
  • full-colour video capture in full darkness, such as starlight and new moon light
  • fully automatic white balance
  • control sensitivity automatically
  • detect danger in real time
  • can be used for small and large-scale operations

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