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NeoFace Facial Recognition - Overview

Do you need a superior facial recognition tool? NeoFace is the accurate non-contact solution used around the world for immigration and border control.

Neoface 1

Reliable facial recognition

Capture accurate face images from a distance with NeoFace. Its ‘Adaptive Region Mixed Matching’ technology focuses on segment regions on the face, giving you a higher-quality and more precise match.

If you’ve used other makers' products, you’ll know they aren’t always accurate. That’s because the programs judge certain combined characteristics, such as the distance between the eyes and the nose, or the nose and the mouth. But this creates a problem, because if even one of these segments is missing, the accuracy drops dramatically.

NeoFace, on the other hand, divides the input image and the registered image into small segments, and only focuses on highly-similar segments of the face. This gives you a more authentic match, even if part of the subject's face is hidden by a mask or glasses, for example.

NeoFace facial recognition at a glance

  • access it via the web
  • real-time CCTV monitoring and alerting
  • use it on your mobile or PDA (personal digital assistant)
  • compact, remote and intelligent
  • comes with office automation and reception applications
  • access control and integration
  • educational solutions
  • used around the world for immigration and border control

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