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NeoFace Facial Recognition - Overview

 Neoface Facial Recognition - Free Whitepaper

World-leading facial recognition solutions.

Neoface overview


In many situations, facial recognition has great advantages over other biometrics solutions. It enables faces to be recorded and archived at a distance, act as a crime deterrent, and help identify a person in real-time.

The contact-free non-obtrusive approach makes for a more easily integrated and acceptable identification solution using existing CCTV cameras. Webcams can also be used to match images to records stored in a database.

Biometric facial recognition has achieved a high profile, not only in security applications, it has also become increasingly important in registering and verifying individuals.

Why choose NEC?

NEC’s facial recognition is independently recognised as the fastest and most accurate face recognition software on the global market. NEC’s NeoFace acquired top rank in FRVT2013, an independent test conducted by the U.S. Government. The tests position NEC’s facial recognition software as the most accurate face recognition software even with low quality images. Independent tests also demonstrate that NEC provides the fastest matching capability that is the most resistant to variants in angle, age and race.

Through the utilisation of a unique matching face detection method, NeoFace provides high speed and high accuracy for facial detection and facial features extraction. NEC’s face recognition relies on a modified Generalized Learning Vector Quantization (GLVQ) algorithm. GLVQ is not easily fooled by attempts to conceal identity through the usage of caps, hats or sunglasses. NeoFace can be implemented as a functionally independent application, or NEC can work with you to seamlessly integrate the application into new or existing biometrics security solutions.

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