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Training - Benefits

Getting value for your training dollar

Giving the right people the right technology and the right knowledge is a critical success factor of all IT implementations. NEC offers education services that let you accelerate the realisation of value from software while helping gain acceptance for new solutions among your user base.

NEC Australia’s training brings many benefits:

  • Improved employee performance and satisfaction: Research has shown that training staff greatly increases their job satisfaction and their loyalty to the company.
  • Saving time and money: you do not need to develop your own courseware or expend resources delivering training.
  • Increased productivity: Trained staff work better and are more efficient.

We help your staff deliver the right IT skills, business skills, and process awareness for self-reliance, empowered decision making, and enterprise-wide usage of products and solutions.

Our certified and approved trainers are an experienced team of knowledgeable and skilled veterans with more than 8,000 teaching hours collectively. Their superior teaching skills, combined with their technical certifications, guarantee you gain the knowledge and skills you need to be productive and self-reliant.

Throughout the product lifecycle, your users will need various types of training to get up to speed on new and upgraded products. Our training team can assist you with the development of a training plan and development strategy, co-ordination of training attendees and training material distribution.

To support your long term planning we also offer the option to pre-purchase training and receive additional value to meet your training needs.

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